Darren Johnson


Hey,I’m Darren Johnson.

If you take the loyalty from Franklin Saint in Snowfall, add Jussie Smollett’’s bubbly personality then mix Sterling K. Brown’s ever so loving voice of reasoning you’ll find yourself casting me.

I’m a NYC based actor, who spent many years in the Philly region working on numerous projects including Commercials (Reg/Natl.), Theatre and Film. At the age of 12, I filmed my first commercial and fell in love with the art of telling a story through a lens. Of course my mom was annoyed because I asked for a new camera every year, but it was a must that I had the latest equipment to tell my stories. I went on to graduate from Temple University with a B.A. in Theatre.

While there, I found my purpose in life and how to express it through art.  Being the oldest of 12 children (yeah papa was a rolling stone!)I understand the importance of being a listening ear. I spent the last four years working at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in the behavioral health department  helping adolescents find ways to cope and see the brighter side of life..

If having an impact on people and changing their lives for the better is what I can accomplish through my art — big or small, known or not —  then I’ll have made my mark on the world.